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Harry G Lasser IV

Harry Lasser is a bankruptcy attorney with 25 years of experience who has been helping the hard working people of the Upper Cumberland file for bankruptcy protection when life gets difficult and debt gets out of control.

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Why file BANKRUPTCY with Harry Lasser?

Harry G. Lasser IV attorney at law is full service law practice representing consumers and small businesses in bankruptcy court in Tennessee’s Upper Cumberland region. For nearly 25 years, Harry Lasser has represented thousands of hard working individuals and families from all over the Upper Cumberland in bankruptcy court in Cookeville, Crossville, Smithville, Sparta, Livingston, Jamestown, Carthage, Gainsboro, Celina and all places in between. Harry Lasser lives and works and has raised his family in the Upper Cumberland.  You may bump into him at the grocery store, the movie theater, or a local restaurant. He is not just another Nashville lawyer with an office in Cookeville.  We have assisted people in Chapter 7, Chapter 13, the occasional Chapter 11, and in many issues related to bankruptcy.

We pride ourselves on fully explaining the bankruptcy process to our clients and being responsive to our client’s concerns. We often advise our consultations to not file bankruptcy when it is not the right decision. We offer payment plans to our clients, and we have offices in both Cookeville, Crossville, and Smithville to better serve you. We rely heavily on referrals from past clients and strive to continually build relationships with clients: past, present, and future. When you need a bankruptcy lawyer, we are here for you.


Have you been sued by your creditors?

When you file bankruptcy, you are protected by the automatic stay. The automatic stay is the federal law which requires your creditors to leave you alone and stop all collection efforts. This means that once your case is filed, your creditors can no longer call you, send collection letters or file a lawsuit to collect a debt. The automatic stay also stops lawsuits that have already been filed.

Can you afford to hire a bankruptcy lawyer?

Hiring a bankruptcy lawyer is not as expensive as you may think.  A chapter 13 bankruptcy (when you pay your debt back over time) can be filed in some case for no money down.  The attorney fee in a chapter 13 can be added to the plan payments and paid over time.  In a chapter 7 the attorney fees do have to be paid up front but we allow our clients to make payment plans that fit your budget.

Do You Need To Stop Garnishments?

Filing a bankruptcy will stop your garnishment.  The automatic stay stops all collection activities including garnishments.  In fact, when we help you stop a garnishment we can even get back money that was taken from you in many cases.  We will contact the court, your employer, and the creditor who is garnishing you to insure we can get the garnishment stopped as soon as possible.

Stop Garnishments

House with foreclosure sign

Do You Need To Stop Foreclosures?

Filing a bankruptcy will stop a foreclosure.  A chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to protect your home from foreclosure while curing your mortgage arrears.  The automatic stay stops the foreclosure while the chapter 13 plan allows your to maintain house payments and cure your mortgage arrears over time.


When you need a bankruptcy lawyer, we are here for you.